Save Brixton Rec!

Welcome to the new Save Brixton Rec website!

Brixton Rec is a much-loved leisure centre in the heart of Brixton used by over 60,000 people per month.

Built in the early 1980s, partly in response to the riots and a lack of activities for young people, the Rec was opened in 1985 and boasts a wide range of facilities including three swimming pools, various sports courts, a gym and a children’s play area. The Rec is also home to the Brixton Topcats basketball team, who play in the English League Division One, and was famously visited by Nelson Mandela and Prince Charles in 1996.


In autumn 2012, Lambeth Council published the draft Brixton Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) which suggested the Rec could be knocked down and rebuilt elsewhere, with the land used for commercial, retail and housing developments.  The draft SPD said:

  • The current facility is much loved, enormously popular and serves the entire Borough and beyond. However, many residents think it is inaccessible because current access arrangements require the use of an exterior flight of stairs or a long ramp which is dark and not particularly welcoming. The building is large although much of the interior space is not efficiently used. The building is in need of significant levels of ongoing investment and running costs are forecast to continue to rise significantly.

Rec Users are happy with the current facility and are worried that any plans to knock it down and rebuild it would be expensive, disruptive and could result in a loss of facilities. Users of the Rec are coming together to highlight the issue and ensure our valuable sports and leisure facilities are protected for the community. We want Lambeth Council to honour their original promise to retain and refurbish the Rec. Some of the arguments for keeping the Rec are outlined on our Why Save the Rec? page.

Please look around our site for further information and details of how you can get involved and help to save Brixton Rec.

You can follow us on Twitter: @SaveBrixtonRec

You can also join the Brixton Rec Users Group on Facebook:


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